Wednesday, 28 June 2017



I spent last night, as I often do. Lying awake pondering some of life's great mysteries and how, exactly I could shoehorn them into my classes. 
I'm amazingly lucky, as a teacher to have one wonderful class not burdened by the weight of constant exam pressure and it has allowed me to really look at aspects of life that are genuinely useful. So last night, I was looking at ways to really make students think, not just about how to coach them through an exam but to really think about their morals in life. We've recently talked about honesty but this was a chance to go a little deeper.  It dawned on me that students would like to know how to look for a job, how to apply for a job and how to conduct themselves in an interview. I also added a bit of exam style speaking practice.
The class starts out by setting out what morality is and posing a number or questions set to test their moral fibres.
Task two is a FCE/CAE speaking part 2 style activity. Whereby students have to discuss the importance of various different morals.
In task three students are given two specific job offers for 2 very different companies, who the students are allowed to do some research into.

In task four students then decide which company they'd work for and debate the morals behind each one.  It ends with an application and then, if time permits an interview in the form of a role play. Obviously questions need to be written so this might be best saved for the foll0wing class.

Task five is a Letter of application.
My next step is to get students to write their letter of application. Students read each other’s letters and make any corrections or improvements they see necessary.
Task six is the final task and the last step towards getting a job. The Interview
In the next class/sections half the class are bosses and the other half applicants. Students conduct interviews with each other. Using both traditional and non-traditional interview questions. 

Below are all the materials. They're all shoved nicely on this here document.
 Morality Plan and materials