Friday, 18 December 2015

Phrasal Verbs Battle Ships

I spent this morning sitting in a Cambridge seminar thinking and talking about various techniques for the Use of English and Reading exams. There was a huge amount of idea sharing and some wonderful idea. 

At one stage the speaker asked us if we had any interesting ways of teaching our students phrasal verbs. I piped up with my idea of phrasal verb battle ships. So for those of you who were there you just need to click on this link and look for "Phrasal Verb Battle Ships"

The worksheet contains the game board, definitions of each phrasal verb and an example sentence. It also has a space for students to write their own example. 

The rules are simple: 

1) Draw your ships on anywhere your Grid.

2) Say sentence using a phrasal verb to select a question.

3) If you HIT a Ship Answer the Question if you MISS all ships it’s                                       your partner’s turn to guess.

4) Win by sinking all your partner’s ships.  

It tends to take a fair while so I usually use it as a warmer and then later as a cooler or as a warmer for three or four classes in a row. 

Good luck and have fun.